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VSC Selected to Deliver DO-178B Solution for Freescale i.MX53

Lafayette, Colorado, January 2012, Validated Software Corporation (VSC), the leader in affordable safety-critical software certification solutions for real-time and embedded operating systems (RTOS), announced today that their Micrium µC/OS™-based line of Validation Suites™ has been selected  by an unnamed* international avionics manufacturer for use with Freescale’s i.MX53 processor. In addition to the DO-178B Level A Validation Suites for the µC/OS family of embedded software, VSC is chartered with extending the native uC/OS feature set through an extensive set of DO-178 Level A controller drivers for the i.MX53. VSC’s selection followed an extensive and rigorous evaluation of the VSC solution versus other competitive offerings.

VSC’s DO-178B i.MX53 software and certification solution** includes:

  • µC/OS-II™ real-time kernel port
  • µC/FS™ file-system drivers for NAND, NOR and SD-Card
  • µC/CANbus™ stack
  • Low-level initialization software to set up and configure the i.MX53 for safety-critical operation
  •  LTC3589-1 PMIC driver protects the processor during power-on/reset
  • Supporting NOR, NAND and Serial boot, the boot strap software allows the use of the factory installed i.MX53 boot mechanism.
  • Valid-IRQ adds interrupt management options to the µC/OS-II kernel port
  • Valid-SPI protocol stack and drivers for ECSPI and CSPI
  • Valid-I2C protocol stack and driver for I2C
  • Valid-NOR is a dual use NOR flash driver provides access to storage via the µC/FS file-system or through VSC’s standardized API with read, write, and programming capabilities.
  • Valid-NAND the dual use NAND flash driver with built in bad-block management and data integrity checking provides access to storage via the µC/FS file-system or through VSC’s standardized API with read, write, and programming capabilities.


VSC’s is unique within the embedded operating system industry. VSC’s software development efforts trend to support or extension of partner operating system software.  The prime focus is enabling cost effective certification of popular embedded operating system components. By choosing to support rather than replace third-party OS software, VSC is able to provide a level of independence that is unmatched by other vendors. VSC Avionics Validation Suites contain a complete set of DO-178B compliant software development life-cycle evidence for the applicable operating system component, are hardware tested and are delivered DER ready.

The i.MX53 driver set will be released in early May 2012 and will be updated to support:

  •  IEC 62304 Class C, and FDA/CDRH 510K/PMA Class III for software used in Medical equipment
  •  IEC 61508 SIL 3 for software used in Industrial automation and control systems
  • CENELEC EN-50128 SIL 4 for software used in Railway systems and equipment

*Company name and privacy protected under non-disclosure
**One or all components are available as a la carte

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